Proposal to extend Ganglia with additional POWER5/6 metrics for AIX 5L and Linux on POWER

The current AIX and Linux implementation is not aware of the IBM POWER5/6 processor specifics. This is a proposal to extend Ganglia (currently at version 3.0.4) with such metrics. Details about these metrics can be found in the documentation further below.

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Documentation of the new proposed POWER5/6 metrics on AIX 5L and Linux on POWER:

Changed source files of Ganglia v3.0.4 to make it aware of new POWER5/6 processor capabilities:
The following list of Ganglia source files had to be adapted for these new POWER5/6 processor aware metrics for AIX 5L and Linux on POWER. A tar.gz file of all changed files as well as a context diff of all changed files can be found further below.

Here is a tar.gz file of all files mentioned above:  ganglia-3.0.4-patch-ibm-power.tar.gz

The source RPM file containing everything (also all SPEC files, links see below) can be downloaded here:  ganglia-ibm-power-3.0.4-2.src.rpm

Building Ganglia v3.0.4 RPMs:
Building Ganglia RPM files is not as difficult as it may seem. This is a short description of my compile environment and how I generate the RPM files. All the operations have to be performed as root user.
Please also check the following description on my AIX open source repository.