Ganglia v3.0.4 binary RPMs compiled with my proposed POWER5/6 changes:

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Please note: For Ganglia gmetad you will also need the ganglia-web-3.0.4-1.noarch.rpm RPM. You should download it from the official Ganglia web site (or a direct link to the SourceForge.Net repository is here) or alternatively you can also download it from my website here.

To make it as easy as possible to try out these new POWER5/6 metrics on AIX and Linux on POWER I provide binary RPMs (source code and description can be found here) for all possible OS (AIX & Linux) versions.

Please note: These binary RPMs are provided just for convenience reasons, no warranty whatsoever, use at own risk!!

If you use these RPMs please drop me a note at so I can notify you whenever updates are available. Thanks.

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