Ganglia with additional POWER5/6/7/8 metrics for AIX and Linux on Power:

If you have any comments regarding this web page please contact me at:

The current AIX and Linux Ganglia gmond implementation is not aware of the IBM POWER5/6/7/8 processor specifics. This is my proposal to extend Ganglia with such metrics. Details about these metrics can be found here:

Please use this webpage as the starting point for Ganglia on Power Systems.

Here you can download the RPM packages:

If you are running gmetad on AIX you also need an XML- and GD-enabled Apache2 web server with PHP module.

Please note:
Please download and install RPMs of the newest versions of Apache, PHP, GD, libxml2 etc. which you can find at my AIX Open Source software repository at

Not recommended anymore: Here you can download an old precompiled version 2.2.2 (no RPM): Precompiled Apache2 for Ganglia gmetad for AIX5L v5.1 and higher
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