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'''Version:''' 1.3.2
'''Version:''' 1.3.2-2
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(:title smake:)

SMake is a powerful mechanism to generate standard Makefiles out of skeleton Makefiles which only provide the essential parts. The missing stuff gets automatically filled in by shared include files. A great scheme to create a huge Makefile hierarchy and to keep it consistent for the time of development. The trick is that it merges the skeleton and the templates in a priority-driven way. The idea is taken from X Consortiums Imake, but the goal here is not inherited system independency, the goal is consistency and power without the need of manually maintaining a Makefile hierarchy.

'''Homepage:''' [[]]

'''Version:''' 1.3.2

* [[|smake-1.3.2-2.aix5.1.ppc.rpm]]

'''Source RPM:'''
* [[|smake-1.3.2-2.src.rpm]]

'''Package dependencies:'''
* AIX Perl must be installed.


'''All versions:'''
* [[|Binary RPMs]]
* [[|Source RPMs]]
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