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Testify is a replacement for Python's unittest module and nose. It is modeled after unittest, and existing unittest classes are fully supported. However, Testify has features above and beyond unittest:

  • Class-level setup and teardown fixture methods, which are run only once for an entire class of test methods.
  • A decorator-based approach to fixture methods, enabling features like lazily-evaluated attributes and context managers for tests.
  • Enhanced test discovery. Testify can drill down into packages to find test cases (similiar to nose).
  • Support for detecting and running test suites, grouped by modules, classes, or individual test methods.
  • Support for splitting up tests into buckets for multiprocessing.
  • Pretty test runner output (hooray color!).
  • Extensible plugin system for adding additional functionality around reporting.
  • Comes complete with other handy testing utilities, including turtle (for mocking), code coverage integration, profiling, and numerous common assertion helpers for easier debugging.
  • More pythonic naming conventions.


Version: 0.3.3-1



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Page last modified on October 19, 2012, at 04:15 PM