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OpenLDAP is an open source suite of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) applications and development tools. LDAP is a set of protocols for accessing directory services (usually phone book style information, but other information is possible) over the Internet, similar to the way DNS (Domain Name System) information is propagated over the Internet. The openldap package contains configuration files, libraries, and documentation for OpenLDAP.

The library is available as 32-bit and 64-bit:

  • If you are compiling a 32-bit program, no special compiler options are needed.
  • If you are compiling a 64-bit program, you have to compile and link your application with "cc_r -q64" or "gcc -maix64".


Version: 2.4.44-0.1

Please note:

  • This version is still considered BETA quality as the OpenLDAP server still needs to be configured and tested, thus the release number 0.1.
  • However, as some other packages depend on OpenLDAP libraries they are provided here.



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