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libxspf the replacement for libSpiff brings XSPF playlist reading and writing support to your C++ application. Both version 0 and 1 are supported. libxspf uses Expat for XML parsing and CppTest for unit testing. libxspf is the official reference implementation for XSPF of the Xiph.Org Foundation. Features include:

  • Full conformance to the XSPF specification
  • Cross-platform (Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, ...)
  • Read and write XSPF files
  • XSPF-0 and XSPF-1 support
  • Unicode support
  • Full support for XSPF extensions
  • Full support for XML namespaces
  • Fast (XML parsing is done by Expat)
  • Uses unit testing
  • Liberal license: New BSD license

The library is available as 32-bit and 64-bit:

  • If you are compiling a 32-bit program, no special compiler options are needed.
  • If you are compiling a 64-bit program, you have to compile and link your application with "cc_r -q64" or "gcc -maix64".


Version: 1.2.0-1



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Page last modified on October 30, 2018, at 11:38 PM