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IOzone is a filesystem benchmark tool. The benchmark generates and measures a variety of file operations. IOzone has been ported to many machines a nd runs under many operating systems.

IOzone is useful for performing a broad filesystem analysis of a vendors computer platform. The benchmark tests file I/O performance for the following operations: Read, write, re-read, re-write, read backwards, read strided, fread, fwrite, random read, pread, mmap, aio_read, aio_write.

This packages includes the following versions, all compiled for AIX5L v5.2 and higher with support for async I/O:

  • 32-bit, no large file support, named: *AIX
  • 32-bit with large file support, named: *AIX-LF
  • 64-bit, no large file support, named: *AIX64
  • 64-bit with large file support, named: *AIX64-LF


  • No AIX5L v5.1 version is available as POSIX async I/O is not available for it.
  • The latest version to work with AIX5L V5.2 is 3.430-1.


Current version: 3.471-1



Source RPM:

Package dependencies:

  • AIX >= 5.3
  • Posix AIO must be enabled.

All versions:

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Page last modified on December 01, 2017, at 10:46 PM