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Imlib is a display depth independent image loading and rendering library. Imlib is designed to simplify and speed up the process of loading images and obtaining X Window System drawables. Imlib provides many simple manipulation routines which can be used for common operations.

The imlib package also contains the imlib_config program, which you can use to configure the Imlib image loading and rendering library. Imlib_config can be used to control how Imlib uses color and handles gamma corrections, etc.

Install imlib if you need an image loading and rendering library for X11R6, or if you are installing GNOME.

The library is available as 32-bit and 64-bit:

  • If you are compiling a 32-bit program, no special compiler options are needed.
  • If you are compiling a 64-bit program, you have to compile and link your application with "cc -q64" or "gcc -maix64".


Current version: v1.9.15-2



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Page last modified on November 19, 2009, at 09:25 AM